• Foundation of the company “Johannes Grosche” – Johannes Grosche, one of 10 children, is starting his business as a textile representative.
  • Despite the global economic crisis the first textile fashion store is opened.
  • Starting of own men shirts production in Gronau.
  • Production facilities are destroyed during WWII.
  • Resuming production of textile products based on fabric availabilities.
  • After currency reforms the company resumed production of shirts and nightwear.
  • The son of the founder, Fritz-Karl Grosche, joined the company after graduating from university.
  • A new production site was built in Ahaus.
1953 until 1960
  • New warehouse and office buildings complemented the existing production facilities in Ahaus.
1960 onwards
  • Moving certain production steps into lower cost countries, especially to countries of the Eastern bloc.
  • Personnel changes, shift of the legal company form, extended product offering. The son, Georg Grosche, starts his tenure in the family business. Own productions started in Turkey and further productions were initiated in South-East Europe. For the first time, underwear was part of the product portfolio besides shirts and nightwear.
  • Temporary productions in Bulgaria and Romania. First imports from Far East / South Korea.
  • Foundation of the Act in fashion KG. Shift from own productions to a new focus as a design and trade agency. Development of own lingerie collections. Product focus: Nightwear and underwear for Women, Men, Kids and Babys. Production partners in Turkey and China and since 2008 also in Malaysia, Vietnam and Myanmar.
  • Christian Grosche, son of Georg Grosche, joined the company. With his background of East Asia Management studies and several years’ experience as Senior Sales Manager APAC at Jack Wolfskin, one of his goals is to drive the international expansion of the Act in Fashion Company.