We are your local partner for global production and we provide our experience at no cost


Act in fashion has more than 40 years experience in all fields of the textile supply chain and guarantees professional support in conceptual, operating and creative business.


Act in fashion is your competent partner in Germany for all productions outside of Europe.


Act in fashion is not looking for mature suppliers, we are developing our partners to be specialized, high-performance suppliers with a strong value for price.

Cost Saving

Act in fashion services are free of charge for our customers.

You can benefit from outsourcing certain steps in your supply chain to:

Focus On Core Competencies

You can use your resources more efficiently on your core competency while we take care of your supply chain.

Get Product Ideas

New designs developed for our B2B label Setenta are always available for you.

Reduce Complexity

Our international experience helps you to decrease frictional loss and risks due to cultural differences.

Reduce Costs

We can support you in product development as well as strategic and operative purchasing so that you can keep your efforts low.